Terms and Conditions

Marriage site terms and conditions

All those wishing to participate in the marriage site must register on the site after reading and agreeing to the terms and use. How much the site administration has the right to amend the terms at any time and members must read them from time to time

Basic Terms and Conditions

The participant must be at least 18 years old

The purpose of the sites is serious marriage, and whoever tries to use a marriage site for other purposes will be banned

The user name of the member must be good and respectful and not use comic or immoral names

Contact numbers should not be used in the username

It is forbidden to use the site for trade, request assistance, defamation and abuse of any member. Whoever does that will expose himself to the legal issue With the termination of your membership and no refund of any money you have paid

Do not do more than according to the technical department necessary to find out and you will be banned

Use of misleading and exaggeration of personal data will be banned

It is forbidden to write or share content that includes sexual images or phrases

Correspondence rules and etiquette

Communication between all members is through the internal chat of the marriage site to ensure privacy. It is forbidden to use means of messaging outside the scope of the site, and everyone must abide by the general values and morals in the chat. If violations are proven, membership will be terminated without warning. Violations are as follows:

Correspondence is prohibited for the use of a personal or material purpose or any purpose that differs with the site’s policies

Correspondence within the site must be adhered to only

It is strictly forbidden to request correspondence or any means of communication outside the site

It is forbidden to send any means of communication in the content of the message

It is forbidden in the message to use any sexual terms or expressions or expressions that offend modesty

It is forbidden in the message to make fun of any of the members or offend him in any way or to request an act that violates the law in your country

photo terms

The photo must be your real profile picture

The image must be respectful and appropriate with the etiquette and traditions of your country

Any member who puts an obscene or exaggerated picture indicating sexual mio, the member will be banned immediately


Members have the right to terminate the membership at any time, and the marriage site has the right to join the membership without referring to it

All contents of the site, designs and images, are the property of the site and no third party has the right to use them without the approval of the site administration

The site has the right to modify or cancel images on the site, including also evidence, that may not comply with the site’s regulations, call for obscenity or indecency, broadcast sectarian or racist strife, call for hatred, extremist ideological trends, or a policy that contains propaganda information, two addresses of sites, or an e-mail.

The site has the right to cancel the membership of inactive subscribers

Marriage website is not responsible for the correctness of the data, images and information registered by the subscribers

Premium Terms of Service

The subscriber of the premium or paid services has no right to violate the terms of the site or the terms of correspondence. If this is proven, he will be banned and he has no right to claim refunds

Refund policy then premium subscriptions

Marriage website provides a detailed description of its premium subscriptions. It is mandatory and necessary to review the features that we offer for membership and that you are fully satisfied with the service provided before the actual purchase. On this basis, it is not permissible to request a refund

The member has the right in case of subscribing to a service that does not work, a refund. And please send a refund to